Monday, 5 September 2011

Remembrance Monday: Blue Adonis - Disco Cop

In 1998 Blue Adonis (AKA Dirk De Boeck and Wim Perdaen) released an instrumental house track called 'Disco Cop'. Indisputably, it's an eleven out of ten kind of record, a fact of which below can be found proof. (It's a 2:45 edit which doesn't really do it full justice but still, we're all busy people etc.)

Chances are that won't have been familiar to you. On the off chance it was, it could be because you heard it used every year on ITV's Eurovision-esque Record Of The Year show. Or it could be from the opening few bars of Duffy's 'Mercy', an act of shameless misappropriation on her part that resulted in levels of bad karma sufficient to see her second album practically end her career. Or it could be from the opening few bars of Marianne Rosenberg's 'Ich Bin Wie Du', a 70s schlager hit from Germany that Blue Adonis had every right to sample. It could even be from when they took it, put some ropey diva's vocals on top (if only two words worth), made a rubbish video and sent it rocketing to Number 27 in the charts.

Or, again, in all likelihood, you might never have heard it before at all, which is fine. For the record, Blue Adonis was only one of many pseudonyms that Messrs De Boeck and Perdaen worked (and still work) under. Others include Synergy, Unison and Warriors Of Eloy, all of which sounding a bit like names for a team on The Apprentice. They're not, but they might as well be - God knows what their music sounds like. (If you really want to know then you're probably best off asking Judge Jules or something.) Regardless, 'Disco Cop' will remain amazing. Hurrah.

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