Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fuse ODG: An Orthographical Investigation

In a pleasing development, Fuse ODG is about to chalk up his third UK hit single in less than a year, presumably earning him the status of Actual Popstar, if only one in the Derulo/Cruz/Lott 'wouldn't know them if they were in the room singing one of their own songs at this very moment' mold. Whatever that means in a time when the avenues for such Europa League hitmakers to show off their hits and indeed face - ie can't you just drop The One Show for one night a week Top Of The Pops wouldn't rate that badly - are thin on the ground, in any case.

Chances are most people who have enjoyed 'Antenna', 'Azonto' and now the deservedly Top 17-bound 'Million Pound Girl' won't even have noticed his signature in-song tag. You, of course, know the one.

"It's Fuse!"

It's Fuse! It does its job in a wonderfully ebullient way, but therein a problem lies: how many us make a Fuse? The Guardian Style Guide doesn't seem to know, and as pop domination awaits they and everyone else are going to need to. So who to consult? Well surely if anyone were to know, it would be the man himself. So is it:

Now that would just be silly Yasmin, even if Fuse does seem to endorse your rendering.

Anyway hope that clears everything up.