Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Remembrance Tuesday: Ana Ann - Ride

What with yesterday being a Bank Holiday in the UK, this week's Remembrance Monday comes, controversially, not on a Monday, but on a Tuesday. To be honest the whole thing is usually, via the magic of the internet, pre-recorded anyway, so it's not like this couldn't have been posted yesterday.


This song is awful. Ana Ann, pictured right, in a rather fetching bin liner and string combo, could not sing. In fact, such is the implausibility of 'We Ride''s utter shitness, you might, on first listen, think it could be one of those hilarious record industry jokes played out at the public's expense, like Vanilla (whose 'No Way, No Way' was actually quite good), Scouting For Girls or Bono. In reality Ana Ann was dealing in much more Luigi Masi-ish territory - 'i', as they say, 'e', she was being bankrolled by her dad.

So yes, 'We Ride' was absolutely terrible. Have a listen for yourself:

Yes, that is the real song, and yes, that is the real video. It went into the charts like a bullet at Number 24 in February 2002, suggesting that less money was being spent on 'production' so-called 'values', and more on, well, 'hyping the charts' (perhaps).

Ana Ann was signed to LL Records, a company set up by her family, and of which she was the artist on whom the most focus was placed - basically she was the only one they had. By the time 'We Ride' had got itself onto music video channels, olden days internet people had already smelt a rat. "in her box talk (An interview given to video channel The Box) SHE SAID her family invested Money into her to buy her own record company!!! and She's the main act signed to it [sic, sic, sic etc]". Clearly, such revelations didn't stop her in her ascent to the dizzy heights of the Top 25, but perhaps, if you'll allow for some slightly unrealistic projection, were responsible, in part, for the pulling of the scheduled second single, 'I Apologise'. After that mysteriously disappeared, Ana did too.

But fear not! In early 2004 she returned, with the "Official UNICEF Song" 'Children Of The World'. Quite a coup for UNICEF, yes? Well, no. UNICEF had no knowledge of the song whatsoever. On the other hand, Ana had managed to twist David Beckham's arm into appearing in its video, so that was quite a coup for her, right? Well, again, no. Beckham (and it was the real one this time) had no idea that archive footage of him was being used in the clip, and told LL Records to remove him from the video. Oh dear, yes? Yes. 'Children Of The World' made Number 44 and that really was it for Ana Ann in the UK.

She was more popular abroad (apparently), and while her eventual album 'Cosmopolitana' failed to receive a UK release, it did appear in Germany. Seven years lather, though, little evidence of this remains, even in mainland Europe. There's still a horrendous official website, whose Flash interface is probably to be expected given that its last update was in 2006, and a similarly neglected MySpace page that reveals/makes the outlandish claim that "she has graduated from the London Guildhall with a major in International Relations and Modern languages as one of the youngest graduates in the history of this university (19 years old!)". So that's quite nice for her.


  1. Why did you post this Scott???

    I went to school with Ana and I was just googling to see how she go on with her career. What a surprise to see this post which makes no sense to me. Are you holding a grudge towards her???

    However she came to release an album should not matter. What matters is that she tried to make something of her life. Although the music is not my cup of tea, its pop music and its target audience is obviouslly not you or me. I think the time it took you to write the above could have been spent better doing something good... Regards, Mark S

  2. This Article reeks resentment from every comma.I know Ana, I was there through it all, she's a good friend of mine, and regardless of where the money came from she is a very talented singer and a good person. maybe this is why she didn't prevail in the biz.Many people took from her and very few gave back.

  3. Hello! I am sorry that i have to tell you this, but you don't have ears when you can write such things like you wrote in your blog! I am professional musician and i must tell you that this girl is singing great, and you should listen to her other songs she made...until then, please stop writing your appreciated blog, as you probably also have a daddy to buy it for you...

  4. I wish Ana the best whereever she may be. "Have to do what you have to do" -_-

  5. Wow - such venom. Why take the time to write something so pointlessly mean about a girl who was only trying to do something good?! You must live a sad, unfulfilling life if you really have nothing better to do...

  6. You so nasty! Ana Ann is the best

  7. I was at Uni with Ana Ann (seems a long time ago now!) and although I didn’t know her socially I always found her very polite and friendly. However, I would say that was something that didn’t ring true about her. There was gossip regarding her music ‘career’ and her claims of turning down a place at Yale. The last I heard (before graduating) was that she was aiming to join Reuters.