Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Real Music Roundup

From the frontlines of Real Music:

The Actor Justin Timberlake said some rather silly things at a gig for some band or another in New York recently. As a former Mickey Mouse Clubber you'd have thought that he'd have learned from an early age that statements like "I just wanted to take an opportunity to show you a Real Band with some Real Music" are utterly, utterly wrong, but there we go. On the plus side he did perform 'Cry Me A River' and 'Like I Love You', so it was a swings and roundabouts sort of affair overall.

Some Pillock Off American Idol wants "to do Real Music, I want Real Instruments and I want Real Musicians to be a part of it". As opposed to pretend music and pretend musicians? It's a good job he doesn't "want to be known for being a pop star" though really, because he wasn't very good on the show at all, and further exposure to him would not be something to welcome.

Beyoncé deserves some congratulations. Recently she's not only turned 30, but also gone and got up the proverbial duff. To do both of those things while juggling a rather impressive pop career is no mean feat. Unfortunately, neither achievement exempts her from criticism for this comment at a recent gig in New York: "('4' is about) being brave, managing myself... Giving myself artistic freedom to make Real Music for you." Oh dear.

As a result of their foolhardy comments, these Very Real People now find themselves here. Well done to all involved.

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