Friday, 30 September 2011

A Clip Of Frankmusik On A TV Talent Show From 2006

Back in ye olde days of yore (2006), there was a talent show on BBC2 in the afternoon called Let Me Entertain You. It was presented by a fading Brian Conley and an emerging Christine Bleakley and basically boiled down to various people trying to impress an audience of geriatrics sufficiently to last 3 minutes on stage without more than 50% of them pressing a button on a keypad to vote them off. Simple, right? Right.

One notable contestant was a beatboxer going by the name of Mr Mouth, whom about five people now know as Frankmusik. Amazing. Well now, in a de facto EXCLUSIVE  for this sub-mediocre blog (no one else has ever put it on YouTube), you can watch it below and see how he fared. This is the kind of footage that would be used on one of those 'before they were famous' programmes, if only Frank had ever really become famous at all :( .

You can read Frank's account of what happened next here, if you care. There was also a Mr Mouth website selling personalised ringtones, but even can't seem to bring that one back so what can you do.

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