Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Record The World Was Waiting For

If at first you don't succeed, someone once said, try try again. It's an adage particularly appropriate to ropey diva Nicki French. Above is her 'Total Eclipse of the Heart 2011', a song that in its original form is so brilliantly bombastic that it is hard to improve upon. 'Eclipse 2011', it's safe to say, isn't an improvement.

Again, topping Bonnie Tyler is a challenge, so it would be harsh to chasten her for it, especially as this is a woman who has devoted her life to attempting to do so. Don't worry Nicki, you'll get there one day. 

NB: Obviously it would be doing Nicki French a great disservice to say that bellowing needless retellings of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' is the only string to her bow. No, in 2000, she represented the UK at Eurovision with the Freudian 'Don't Play That Song Again', finishing 16th. Well done Nicki.

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