Monday, 2 May 2011

The James Dean of the Music Scene

Back in 2002, Daniel Bedingfield made some pretty grandiose claims about being the "James Dean of the music scene".  It seemed like nothing more than a bit of pop posturing at the time, but those words proved to be eerily prescient when, in 2004, just a month after his 24th birthday, Bedingfield was involved in a serious car accident, just as Dean had been at the same age.

Fortunately for Beddo, his crash, unlike Jimmy's, did not prove fatal.

As a result of this, he now possesses serious Dean credentials.  The snag is that he is not the first to do so - before Bedingfield there was Bradfield, and before him came the makers of stone cold Italo classic "Madame".

Little information is available about the band (there is some on Discogs), but that scarcely matters because quite frankly the song is amazing.

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