Friday, 3 June 2011

The Poetry of An Analysis

Don't Stop The Party by William Adams age 35 and a half, 2010

This is the original - no it's not
This has no identical - yes it does
You can't hack my digital - yes you can
Future Aboriginal - how does that work?
Get up off my genitals - pardon?
I stay on that pinnacle - of lazy derivative electro?
Kill you with my lyricals - they're about as sharp as a spoon made of yoghurt
Call me verbal criminal - criminal lyrics? No comment
Send you to that clinical - that doesn't even mean anything
Subscribe you some chemicals - odd wording - I hope you mean prescription ones Will
Audio and visual, can't see me invisible - so not very visual then. But we can hear you? Shame
I'm old school like biblical - 7/10
Futuristic next level - it's the sound of the future... in 1982
Never on that typical - because Will's *such* a groundbreaker!
Will I stop I'll never know - please do

Glad we've cleared that up.

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