Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Thing About Some Songs That Were Hits In Romania Last Year

Below are some some words about some songs that were hits on the Romanian Top 100 in 2011.

Lykke Li - 'I Follow Rivers' (The Magician Remix)

It's frankly anyone's guess as to how it's happened, but 'I Follow Rivers' is the current Romanian Number One and has been for 9 (NINE) weeks, albeit in the form of a Magician remix. And that's just as well because it's better than the original. In fact it takes the best part of the original, the 'do-do-do-dada-la-de-do' that overrides the vocals in between every few lines in the verses, and elaborates on it, resulting in a fine Italoish sort of 'vibe'. 7.8/10
Peak: 1 Weeks in the Top 10: 10* (Still in Top 10)
UK Hit Potential: 2/10

Liviu Hodor - 'Sweet Love' feat Mona

Something of a triumph. "Let's fly away together; let's live this dream forever; let's dance like we're in heaven, just give me your sweet love". Generic Romanian dance then, accordion and all, but with a punch, much like the best of Inna's 'oeuvre'. Liviu Hodor is supposed to be releasing a different single, the inferior but still OK 'Happy For You', in the UK at some point this year. If that, by some small miracle, could do well, this might too. 7.7
Peak: 4 Weeks in the Top 10: 11
UK Hit Potential: 4/10

Smiley - 'Dream Girl'

Misogynistic pap from the Romanian Ed Sheeran, a singer who really puts the 'bad' into 'troubadour'. And if you think that play on words is poor, the song is worse. The titular Dream Girl has cheated on and left Smiley, who, in his fury, rhymes "sitting alone" with "drinking alcohol". "You're nothing but a whore, always ready to go", he croons. "You sold your soul for a little dough." Oh dear. 2
Peak: 1 Weeks in the Top 10: 21 (!)
UK Hit Potential: 1/10

Grasu XXL - 'Lala Song' feat Guess Who

Some Romanian hip-hop. Much like out of date sweet and sour chicken, it's a bit funky - the important difference being that it shouldn't be thrown in the bin, and nor will it give you the runs. It's brilliant, basically, but also in one of those foreign languages, so don't expect it to crossover to the UK. 7.8
Peak: 4 Weeks in the Top 10: 3*
UK Hit Potential: 1/10

Raluka - 'Out Of Your Business'

This is a bit Pixie Lottesque, especially reminiscent of 'All About Tonight'. Raluka tells of how "day and night I leave it all behind; 'cause I got my own piece of mind" and how she's "out of your business". Now these lyrics are questionable, because 'out of your business' isn't really a phrase that often crops up in English vernacular, but hey! She's bought a new pair of shoes! Could be the next Inna in the UK if a) she has more songs and b) is actually brought over here. 7
Peak: 9 Weeks in the Top 10: 4
UK Hit Potential: 4/10

Guess Who - 'Tot Mai Sus' feat Marius Moga

More Romanian hip-hop from the rapper that featured on 'Lala Song'. It's sort of like if (The Artist Formerly Know As) Frankmusik was Romanian and he featured on an equally Romanian Rizzle Kicks track, ie quite good indeed. And a fact, fact fans, the title means 'Higher'. 8
Peak: 1 Weeks in the Top 10: 23
8/10  UK Hit Potential: 1/10

Dan Balan - 'Freedom'

Dan Balan used to be in O-Zone. Last year he released an absolutely diabolical single called 'Chica Bomb' that made metaphorical waves in mainland Europe, but, aptly, 'bombed' in the UK. 'Freedom' is a massive improvement. Put simply, it's a very intense and exciting song. Dan sounds excited, the music sounds excited and together they create a tune of proportions Guetta can only dream of. That's probably not the best description in the world, but it is very exciting. 7.9
Peak: 4 Weeks in the Top 10: 10
UK Hit Potential: 5/10

Chances are not one of these songs will reach the UK chart this year (Dan Balan might be your best bet), but then you never know what might happen. 'Watch this space' etc.

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