Friday, 27 January 2012

15 Things About This Week's UK Top 40*

*Well, the midweek Chart Update at least.
  1. The One Direction single sounds like a mix of Danish Eurovision entry and local radio advert jingle. It's an imprecise science that gives good results.
  2. There are only two songs in the Top 10 that are about The Club. Both are by Flo Rida.
  3. In fact, the chart is very diverse at the moment: Rihanna has three songs in the Top 40, One Direction and Professor Green have two. Lana Del Rey has two in the Top 20 and both Flo Rida and Sia (!) have two in the Top 10
  4. Furthermore, two of the Top 12 ('Good Feeling' and 'Levels') are based on the same song, the singer of which is at Number 30 with a different one. Blimey.
  5. As Rizzle Kicks pointed out, 'Lloyd' is a rather odd name for a male popstar. Probably the least showbiz to hit the chart since 'Eamon'.
  6. 'Gotye', on the other hand, is an amazing name.
  7. The average length of time each song has spent in the Top 200 is 11.35 weeks, and in most instances haven't yet been out of the Top 40 anyway. This is quite a long time.
  8. Given that, Redlight at the lofty heights of Number 16 is a nice surprise.
  9. "You know the bed feels warmer; sleeping here alone" is one of the 592 best opening lyrics of all time. Well done Kelly Clarkson.
  10. Your mum would probably enjoy Numbers 30-21 best.
  11. Skrillex. Seriously, what a racket.
  12. Pixie Lott is going to need a lot more than a new pair of shoes to make her seem any less beige and joyless.
  13. Katy Perry has made a song that actually feels quite sincere.
  14. And there
  15. we have it.

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