Friday, 10 June 2011

Real Music Roundup

From the frontlines of Real Music:

Moby is being a twat again. It might seem like he's trying to create publicity for his new album, but seeing as it's going to sell on integrity alone anyway he doesn't need to, does he?

Fearne Cotton.

Christina Aguilera is still banging on about 'The Voice' to anyone who'll listen:
"It takes you back to a place of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and real music, where it was all about authentizzzzzz....."

Michael Eavis is taking umbrage with the booking of The Wombles for Glastonbury. Orinoco and co are due to play the Avalon Stage, along with the far more Worthy'n'acoustic Newton Faulkner and KT Tunstall. I know which of the three I'd most like to see.

Fearne Cotton.

This quite disagreeable quadrumvirate now have pride of place on the Wall of Shame. Well done everybody.

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