Thursday, 6 September 2012

Popstars On Spotify: An Investigation

This is probably one for the file marked 'voyeurism', but interesting nonetheless, especially if you are a voyeur: what lies in the Spotify accounts of popstars? After this piece of soon-to-be-award-winning investigative journalism you are no doubt itching to find out, no? Well anyway:

Stefan Storm (of The Sound Of Arrows stupendousness)
Playlists with titles like 'Sample material', 'KOTA samples?' and 'Potentiella covers/mashups'.

What's in there? The sample ones feature a variety of slightly obscure things - plus bloody 'Little Red Corvette'! - while the covers and mashup one contains 'Wind Of Change' (!), 'Ordinary World', 'King Of My Castle', 'Tom's Diner', 'Sleeping Satellite' and 'Your Woman'. Now yes, that sounds potentially amazing, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of plans for a 'Power Of Love' EP, which is arguably what The Sound Of Arrows should be doing next. (Seriously Stefan, release it at Christmas, split the profits. Everyone's happy.)

What could it all mean? Well with a little deduction you could figure that Stefan is planning to sample, cover or even 'mash up' the songs contained in these playlists, but what KOTA means seems a bit of a mystery. A side project? A new album title? If it is a new album it could be called 'Kings Of The Abyss' or something like that. In fact it probably is.

Steve Brookstein
Playlists with titles like 'caffee nero'

What's in there? Only a karaoke version of Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack's 'Back Together Again'.

What could it all mean? sosad

Unicorn Kid
Playlists with titles like 'Angerfist - Retaliate' and 'Various Artists. - Hardstyle - 2012'

What's in there? Albums of the same name.

What could it all mean? That he is currently enjoying music that goes 'ssssskkkkkk dong bong dong bong dong brrrrrr', presumably.

Olly Murs (NB this is definitely him - it can only be him - he's 'starred' lots of his own material)
Playlists with titles like 'Dave's sikkk choooness'

What's in there? To be honest not much of interest, but putting this bit here padded things out a bit, so you can't really complain. The song he's listened to most in the past week is 'Watchtower' by Devlin and Ed Sheeran, in case you were looking to confirm your prejudices.

What could it all mean? Nothing.

So there you go.

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