Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Just An Idea

It's surprising that no-one seems to have done this already really: a 'Power Of Love' EP featuring covers of the songs of the same name by Huey Lewis, Jennifer Rush and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Artists that could do it:
  • The Sound Of Arrows - They've already covered the Rush version, so why not the other two?
  • Little Boots - Unlike some artists, has the requisite versatility for all three versions.
  • Leona Lewis - When 'Glassheart' is pushed back another twelve months Leona is going to need something else to tide her through X Factor season. This EP would repeat the trick she pulled last year with the 'Hurt' EP, and that went brilliantly, right?
  • And probably some others.
So come on, 'The Record Industry', get on with it. Some people charge thousands for this kind of consultancy work.

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