Thursday, 12 April 2012

Could This Be The Greatest Album Of All Time? (Or Just A Test Post For The New Spotify Embedding Thing)

Floorfillers Classics, 2006

The Known Facts:
  • Out of 17 tracks, 15 surpass the all important 'good' barrier - that's an 88% hit rate. (Sorry, Byron Stingily and Goldtrix. You do have good names though.)
  • 11 are better than 'very good' - 65%, something 'Bob Dylan' will never manage.
  • At least five - 'Dreamer', 'Set You Free', 'Finally', 'Two Can Play That Game' and 'Pretty Green Eyes' - are genuinely incredible.
  • Bobby's got a brand new swing.
  • You should listen to it. All of it. (If you have Spotify.)

In conclusion: yes, it probably is.

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