Friday, 17 February 2012

Daniel Bedingfield Needs You

Poor Daniel Bedingfield. Once the James Dean of the music scene, his days of huge chart success are now naught but a fading memory. Getting three Number One singles from a quintuple platinum debut album is no mean feat, but while pop's permanence ensures at least some (well, two) of his hits will endure, its ephemerality played a part in making sure he didn't.

But what is he doing now? Well last summer he released, out of the blue, a dancehall track called 'Sometimes You Just Know'. Set to Justus Arison's Overproof Riddim it was one of the most unexpected releases of the year, and also one of the most overlooked. Still, it's good to know that he's keeping himself busy.

The next stage of the Bedingfield comeback operation will see the release of a new EP and video, something Daniel needs a little help towards. Basically he wants you to give him cash money to fund it via PledgeMusic. Allow the man himself to explain.

Besides my new music, the other big news is that I'm working 100% independently now: no label, no manager, no filter whatsoever between you and I. While this is exciting, it also means that I need your support more than ever. With your help, I’ll be able to fund future tours and release new music videos for you all. Here's the deal... Take your pick from the list of exclusives to the right and pledge away. These offerings are super homemade by ME and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else after this campaign. Once you've made your pledge you’ll be ensuring yourself access to all of the backstage & behind the scenes videos, mp3s, photos, notes, etc.

On the one hand expecting his fans to pay his way seems a bit off, but then there is the promise of homemade gifts in exchange... What exactly is Daniel giving away?
  • A pledge of $25 or more will get you a Daniel Bedingfield T-shirt. This seems a bit expensive for a shirt.
  • For $75 or more you will receive a handmade shirt. This still seems a bit expensive.
  • $250 is enough for the chance to "play a series of drinking games" with Daniel over Skype. That might sound a bit odd but he reassures that although "I’ve never played drinking games online before (yeah right), I have a vague 'feeling' it can be just as much fun!" If you can stretch to $750 and can get to LA then you can do this with him in person, which sounds a bit more exciting but still absolutely mental.
  • In return for a donation of just $500 you will receive the opportunity to visit a fish market with the bedroom genius himself and make sushi. "We'll get my sushi chef friends to nip down to the Fish Market in LA with us reeeeally early when the best fish is getting sold. They'll help us choose the best cuts and then we'll meet back up later to make our own homemade sushi for lunch or dinner! Note: Gotta get yourself to LA or London for this one."
  • Also $500, go shooting with Daniel. "Let's go to the LA Gun Club in Downtown LA and spend an action-packed night blowing some paper cutout's brains out with me and my 2 huge bodyguards! What do ya say? A beer or two after might follow... just sayin'... Note: Gotta get yourself to LA for this one." Daniel's commitment to the words 'gotta get' is impressive.
  • The princely sum of $1,000 earns you a night camping. "OK I have a favourite place. A few great people know where it is and will sit under stars and drink beers and let their aches and pains soak into the earth, awakening fresh and rejuvenated. Pledger travel to and from area is additional. Cost reflects price of overnight stay and stuff. Any necessary gear rental is also additional and the responsibility of the pledger."
  • Finally, the ultimate prize for the ultimate Daniel Bedingfield fan: a performance from him in your living room, $2,500. "I'll come all the way to your house and play a concert just for you and anyone else you choose." Sounds exciting. "Cost reflects price of performance. Travel and/or accommodation is additional, the responsibility of the pledger and to be determined once date and location have been set." Oh.
The nice thing about all this is that 15% of any additional profits made after Daniel reaches his undisclosed target will go to a charity called Stop The Traffik. The unfortunate thing is that with only 20 days to go on the drive and with 99 pledges made since it started on February 7 only 41% of the target figure has been donated. What more do people need? The man is offering camping trips!

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