Monday, 5 December 2011

Meet Your New Least Favourite Boyband

Oh God.

LadBanter have arrived with their debut single 'WKD Game'

"Gotta be honest, LadBanter are #decent" - Frankie Cocozza

Watch out ladies, LadBanter are on the prowl.

Danny, Chris, Tez and Kez represent a great leap forward for the boyband concept. Gone are the days of earnestness and stools, these guys are all about #cheekiness, #jokes and #banter - hence the name.

Taking their cues from the likes of Olly Murs, Example and the cast of Geordie Shore, LadBanter want to assure the world that "it's not all about the music". As Chris explains, "for us it's chinos first, tunes later". And it's that kind of attitude that has already earnt them a legion of followers on both Twitter and YouTube, on which they regularly post videos of the assorted japes they get up to at Banter Mansion - recent clips have included a hilarious incident in which Danny had a dump in the freezer before serving up a delicious 'chocolate log' to Tez! "Some of the fans are a bit young," admits Danny, "but as my mate Wazza used to say: 'if there's grass on the pitch...'"

Several high profile music industry figures are already tipping LadBanter for the top - before they've even heard any of the music - including Max from The Wanted, who said that they have the look of "complete swag merchants". Also offering praise was Joe Mott, who reckons that "the clue's in the name really - these guys are going to be big".

Meet the band:
Danny, 21, was working as a bricklayer in Leeds when he was spotted in a club by one of the top talent scouts behind the group. As he explains: "I was just having some top banter with my mates about this bird we saw earlier on when this guy came over to me. I thought, look, I'm not homerphobic or anything mate but I'm not interested. Then he started going on about being in a band or something. To be honest with you I've got no interest in music whatsoever, but three months later I'm ready to release my first single! Quality."

Chris, at 18, is the baby of the band, and was until recently in the first year of a sports science degree at the University of Chester. "At first I wasn't sure about being in a boyband - I like more meaningful stuff, like Ed Sheeran - but as soon as I met the rest of the boys we got on like a hows on fire."

25 year old Tez, real name Terry, first came to the attention of the LadBanter family in a Topman in Croydon - though he assures he's much more of a #toplad himself! Tez says that he is currently "well into dubstep".

Kez, real name Kenneth, was contacted after leaving a particularly incisive comment on the YouTube page of Cher Lloyd. "I put 'LOL slag' and it got 33 thumbs up. Next thing I know I'm in LadBanter!"

LadBanter's first single, 'WKD Game', features a sample from some song from the olden days and will be released on January 9th, with an album, '#decent', to follow in March. To catch up on the latest goings on in the joke-packed world of LadBanter, visit their YouTube and Twitter pages.

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