Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Amazing Obscure Pet Shop Boys Things - No. 1: Chris Lowe's Neighbours Cameo

In the 30 years since Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe first met they have put their names to many projects and although nothing has been proved in the way of concrete facts, it has been alleged that the results of even the most obscure of those projects have been described by at least one person as the most incredible thing ever.  To celebrate this, here is the first in a series of some of the most amazing of the Pet Shop Boy's lesser remembered moments.  (You have no idea how much of a performance it was to fit all of those PSB references into that)

While not obscure enough to avoid being occasionally wheeled out on clip shows, Chris Lowe's visit to Ramsay Street is both hugely incongruous and hugely amazing.

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